For authenticated users...

The login button on the top right of the page should let you login using standard institutional account. If you are unsure about what login credentials to use to access Mirsal then please contact your local IT support.

As an authenticated user you should be able to upload files one or more times and either have Mirsal email the recipients after your upload completes or provide you with a link to allow file download. You should also be able to invite other researchers to the system to upload one or more files as a guest.

For guests...

If you have been sent a guest voucher from this site you have been invited to upload files one or more times. The simplest way to do that is using the information contained in the invitation email. When uploading as guest, be sure to verify that any links in the guest invitation email are to a Mirsal that is running on a research facility you trust. If you are not expecting a guest link from a facility you know then the email might not be legitimate.

The user who invited you to this system might have done so allowing you to upload files and get a link to allow other folks to download those files. If you can not get a link then you will have to provide email address(es) of the people who you wish to invite to download the uploaded files.

Possible Download Size Limitations

Any modern browser will download files of any size from the site. Nothing special is required for downloads.

Possible Upload Size Limitations

If your browser supports HTML5 then you should be able to upload files of any size up to 50 GB. Current versions of Firefox and Chrome on Windows, Mac OS and Linux are known to have HTML5 support.

Your browser's features

  • HTML5 upload enabled You can upload files of any size up to 50 GB per transfer and you can resume uploads.
  • HTML5 upload disabled You can upload files of at most 2 GB each and up to 50 GB per transfer.

Uploads of any size with HTML5

  • You'll be able to use this method if the HTML5 upload enabled sign is displayed above
  • To enable this functionnality simply use an up to date browser that supports HTML5, the latest version of the "language of the web".
  • Up to date versions of Firefox and Chrome on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are known to work.
  • You can resume an interrupted or cancelled upload. To resume an upload, simply send the exact same files again ! Make sure the files have the same names and sizes as before. When your upload starts, you should notice the progress bar jump to where the upload was halted, and continue from there.

End-to-End Encryption

Mirsal has an optional security feature that allows end-to-end encryption. The encryption is done in your browser so Mirsal never has visibility of your unencrypted files, allowing you to transfer sensitive data securely. Files up to 2 GB can be send using encryption. All you have to do is send the recipient a ‘key’ via a second channel: telephone or SMS, for example. The recipient then enters this key, which allows them to download the file. This way, you can determine who is allowed access to your valuable research data or confidential files.

Uploads up to 2 GB per file without HTML5

  • Mirsal will warn you should you try to upload a file that is too big for this method.
  • Resuming uploads is not supported with this method.

Configured service constraints

  • Maximum number of recipients : 50 email addresses separated by a comma or semi-colon
  • Maximum number of files per transfer : 20
  • Maximum size per transfer : 50 GB
  • Maximum file size per file for non-HTML5 browsers : 2 GB
  • Transfer expiry days : 10 (max. 10)
  • Guest expiry days : 10 (max. 10)
  • All file formats are acceptable, except for *.exe, *.bat file format

Contact Us

  • For help and support, please contact or

User Guide

Please refer to the user guide to learn how to use Mirsal.